Tools used by window cleaners

The window washers use many tools while cleaning the windows. Read on to find out what tools are used by window cleaners and their uses in the process of cleaning windows.

The tools used by window cleaners are:

  • Squeegee:

Squeegee is the most important tool used for cleaning windows. It is used to remove water or cleaning liquid from the surface of window. The parts of a squeegee are- rubber blade, handle and metal blade.

A good quality squeegee must be used for better results.


  • T-handle:

T-handle is also called as scrubbing wand which is used for scrubbing the window or glass surface. This tool is shaped like the letter T. It has a handle and a horizontal bar at the top. The bar can be covered with a reusable and removable cloth which is called the sleeve. This sleeve helps in scrubbing the windows. The sleeve can easily slip over the wand and is easy to remove.

  • Window scrapers:

The scrapers are used for scraping away the stubborn debris which you can’t get removed even after scrubbing. The scraper comes in different sizes and designs. While scraping, you must make sure to use it properly otherwise, you might end up with scratches on your window because the scraping tool contains razor blades.

  • Cleaning towels:

The cleaning towels are not used for actual cleaning of the windows. Most of the cleaning work is done by the scrubbing wand. These towels are used just to wipe away left behind water on the window or the frame of window. There are many different kinds of available like- surgical towels, terry cloth, micro-fiber towel and leather chamois. The leather chamois is the most expensive one and is used by many window cleaning services.

  • Tool belt:

The tool belt is a basic accessory to make your work a little easier. It is used to place all the tools like scraper, scrubbing wand and squeegee in the same place, around your waist. When you have this belt, you don’t have to repeatedly move around to get your tools. It has various sections in which you can keep your tools.

  • Bucket:

The bucket is also a basic tool used while you clean your windows. It is used to keep the water that you will need while cleaning your windows.

  • Ladder:

The ladders are used to clean the higher portions of the windows. Sometimes when the windows are at a height and difficult to reach, the ladders are used. Ladders might cause the fall of person cleaning windows so the ladder must be used with various accessories for safety. The accessories are- ladder stabilizers, ladder stop, ladder mitts, ladder pivot, etc.

  • Cleaning chemicals:

The most important part of cleaning the windows is selecting the proper chemicals. You must select the chemicals which are not harmful for the glass surface. The chemicals like ammonia, vinegar, alcohol are very harmful for your windows. So choose your cleaning chemical wisely.

This is all about the basic and widely used tools for window cleaning. Nowadays many advanced tools like window vacuum are also available which are used by many window cleaning services. Thank you!

One Bad Decision Costs A Life

Stacy Konwiser was the head tiger keeper at the zoo in Palm Beach. She was skilled and experienced and knew all of the protocols required for handling the tigers safely and vets in fleet. Nonetheless, she was attacked and killed by a tiger in an area that was clearly marked as being open to tigers. This was an area known as the tiger night house.

Image result for tiger keeper

While many recent cases of people and animals being injured or killed in zoos have been caused by lack of safety precautions, this was not the case here. The Palm Beach Zoo is vigilant in establishing and following effective safety standards and protocols. One such rule is that no handler or keeper is allowed to enter areas of active tiger access. The bottom line is that Ms Konwiser simply shouldn’t have been inside of that enclosure.
Anyone who has ever had the experience of being able to view tigers “up-close-and-personal” (as any zoo keeper has) knows that they are massively huge, extremely powerful and can be quite deadly. When touring the zookeepers’ access areas in a San Diego tiger sanctuary, I had one jump up against a chain link fence as I passed by just on the other side. It was a humbling (and terrifying) experience, to say the least.
No one knows why Ms. Konwiser entered the tiger enclosure. She certainly knew of both the protocol and the inherent danger of entering an area where a tiger was roaming freely. We can only assume that she mistakenly thought the tiger was not able to enter the enclosure or that she simply experienced a lapse in judgment.
When the attack occurred, there was other keepers present and they attempted to save Ms Konwiser. The tiger was sedated with tranquillizer darts. This decision was made for several reasons:

1. Use of lethal bullets could have endangered Ms Konwiser and others due to the likelihood of ricochets.
2. The rare Malaysian tiger is one of just 250 remaining worldwide.
3. The tiger was not agitated or unusually aggressive. Its response to an intruder into its area was normal behaviour.

While some may criticise the decision not to kill the tiger, the fact is Ms Konwiser would likely have made the same decision if she were in the place of those who came to her rescue. Because the tiger was not exhibiting unusual behaviour and the incident would not have taken place had protocol been followed, there are no plans to euthanise the animal.

This sombre incident should be a reminder to people who encounter obvious danger on a daily basis, as well as to the rest of us going about our routine, safe, everyday lives. Very often, we make careless decisions and trust to luck to keep us safe; even though, we know we are taking a risk. Ms Konwiser may have thought she would be safe just stepping into the tiger night house for a moment, just one time; however, that proved to be untrue.

Remember that rules are in place for a reason, and if you bend them by driving without your seatbelt, texting while driving, failing to lock your house doors and gates and so forth, you actually take your life in your hands.

When you go along practising these unsafe habits for quite a while with no consequences, you become more and more cavalier about it. Sooner or later it will catch up with you. Unfortunately, in many cases when one person disregards safety rules, many people end up paying the price. One bad decision can cost a life.

Why Banning Reverse Engineering Is Absurd

If there’s one thing that can throw anyone for a loop, it’s discovering that vital, life-saving technology is legally a black box and arboricultural consultant. That is, the tech can not be tinkered with for any reason, not even to evaluate how well it’s working and make changes to ensure protection against malfunction. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening. Pacemakers, devices that force a person’s heart to beat on a regular pattern, are considered black box technology. Tinkering with them is completely illegal because according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, there’s no difference between medical, life-saving technology and a Taylor Swift song.

Image result for reverse engineering

The DMCA enshrines in law something known as Technological Protection Measures, otherwise referred to as TPMs. These are essentially the different systems via which copyright holders are allowed to restrict access to a “work”. This may have originally been intended for use with songs and movies, but due to the wording of the law can apply to things like software. The law allows for restrictions such as various forms of encryption, password protections, or any number of other things. Thanks to the DMCA, it’s illegal to attempt to bypass any of these TPMs. Again, this is due to the fact that the entertainment industry was fearful that hackers might attempt to access their copyrighted material such as songs and movies. Unfortunately, the DMCA also makes reverse engineering illegal, since it can be viewed as a form of TPM circumvention.

Luckily, the DMCA does allow for certain exemptions. Every three years, affected parties are allowed to request they be excluded from the TPM rules should they feel that the laws are restricting access to legitimate activities. Currently, there are 44 proposals that were collected in 2014. This year, we get to see a number of rights holders and petitioners go head to head. They’ll be making their arguments, both for and against the exemptions in a number of hearings held before the Copyright Office. Eventually, likely after yet another round of hearings and even more reviews, the Office will release its decision on the various proposals.

The desired exemptions tend to fall into one of two broad categories: computer security and interoperability. The Copyright Office managed to narrow the 44 proposals down to 27 classes of materials.

All of the proposals seem fairly reasonable. But the question is, will the Copyright Office see it the same way, or are they going to disagree?

According to Pamela Samuelson, who currently works as the co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, the Office is unlikely to see it the same way. According to her, if the past is any indication of the future, then the chances are quite high that the Copyright Office is going to deny a large majority of the requested exceptions, no matter how much sense they might make.

Samuelson feels that Congress should have adopted a much more narrow anti-circumvention rule in the first place.

Various kind of customized printing stuffs: Adopting your lifestyle with self-customized belongings

Your lifestyle can be more customized or better say personalized to yours as adding a feature of custom printing clothing, fashion and other products to your life. For that, you have to look for various range of product an custom printing store can give you in Singapore or what things you can get personalized yourself and make your life interesting and exciting. Next step is simply to go for stores that print t-shirt Singapore.


Know what things you can get customized printed

  1. Custom printing T-shirts & Clothing : There are wide range of types of even to-shirts as in tank tops, round necks, v-necks, sports t-shirts etc to get your custom printing. Other products are sportswear, jacket, hoodies, pants and skirts etc where you can print patterns, floral, quotes, statements etc to make your fashion personalized and representing who you are.
  2. Sticker printing: You can numerous kind of stickers for your personal as well as business or commercial use. The stickers are widely use for acknowledgement, advertisements and marketing along other promotional activities. You can also use it for custom printing for various household items and other things make it look more cool or beautiful like as glasses, doors, walls etc.
  3. Fashion accessories: Different kind of fashion accessories you use in day to day life can also be personalized according to you. These items are like caps, aprons, hijab, scarves, Kimono and many more where you can get different sort of designs like floral patterns, designs etc.
  4. Sportswear: The people who are sports conscious or lover and sportsmen are very much interested to get some sportswears which are customized according to them. You can look for varieties like basket ball wear, futsal jersey, cycling jersey, running shirts, sports theme shirts adding your logo, team name and number other preferred inclusions.
  5. Other household and home décor: Numerous items in home décor ,fabric, kids and pets fabric along with house hold custom printing are other options to look for.

Fresh And Unique Christmas Trees With The Various Trees To Buy

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A Guide To Remodeling

Individuals have diverse purposes behind redesigning or renovating their homes. Some modify their homes to construct their fantasy house since it is less expensive to revamp than to fabricate a home sans preparation. Others redesign to expand living space while others rebuild to build the market estimation of their homes. Whatever the inspiration, individuals who redesign their homes consider distinctive elements, for example, the cost of the remodel. It is broadly acknowledged that doing remodels is much less expensive method for accomplishing the search that you need for your home instead of building another home. One method for being more cost-productive as to redesigns is to make rebuilding increases to your homes. Doing rebuilding augmentations can include building another story, changing the insides and outsides of your home, and notwithstanding changing your carport.


Likewise with any renovating venture, the initial step is to decide the part or part of the house that you might need to change. Doing as such includes having a thought on what you might want to do, for instance, you might need to remodel, extend or add an extra restroom to your home. You may likewise need to make a sunroom to permit daylight and air into your home. Another redesigning option thought is that of adding another story to your home. Doing as such will oblige you to counsel an auxiliary designer on the achievability of adding another floor to your home. Redesigning options can likewise be connected to your carport, whether to include another story top of the carport or to change over it for different employments. Given these choices, clearly it just your creative ability that breaking points you on the conceivable renovating increases that you can do toy your home.

Subsequent to doing all the important assessments and choices on what you might want to do, you can then make a nitty gritty arrangement on how you will approach the remodel with the assistance of a contractual worker and various manufacturers. Another type of redesigning your house is to make rebuilding increments that can help you accomplish the look and solace that you might want in your home.

Step by step instructions to Check a Remodeler’s Client References

Preceding picking a renovating proficient, the astute property holder requests a rundown of customer references. The sure rebuilding proficient will urge imminent customers to call these references and get some information about their experience and level of fulfillment through the majority of the arranging, develop and take after work. Here is a rundown of 10 great things to ask a planned remodeler’s references before marking an agreement.

1. Was the home completed on time and on spending plan?

2. Would they prescribe the remodeler to others?

3. Did the remodeler secure against tidy and harm with surface insurance items?

4. Do they feel they got esteem for the time, cash and vitality they spent?

5. How was their solace with the correspondence with their remodeler?

6. Does the remodeler keep due dates and calendars?

7. Was the home completed of course?

8. Were the redesigning proficient and his/her group lovely to work with?

9. Did they feel that issues or change requests were taken care of successfully and reasonably?

10. As a last question, consider asking, “Is there something else I ought to ask or you need me to know?

On the off chance that you do reveal an issue, don’t make a hasty judgment. Rather, get the remodeler’s side of the story. For example, if the venture went over spending plan, a subsequent discussion may uncover that the property holders rolled out a ton of exorbitant improvements after things were in progress. These sorts of follow-up discussions set the phase for genuine correspondence.

Any property holder who has lived in their home amid a kitchen or shower rebuild has encountered the immense measure of tidy that is produced. A decent remodeler will contain clean with the goal that it doesn’t present a wellbeing danger by utilizing a tidy regulation framework. Furthermore, surface assurance for floor coverings, ledges, cupboards, tubs and other introduced completions ought to be utilized if these installations are to stay set up amid the rebuild. These surface security items ought not be added to the cost of the rebuild after the property holder whines however incorporated into the first offer.

The remodelers offer ought to incorporate the total spending plan and an expected finish date. It ought to likewise incorporate each remodeler’s approaches and expenses, including any authoritative charges, for rolling out improvements once the venture is in progress. Before settling on the last decision, the mortgage holder ought to meet with each rebuilding prospect to survey the offer, ask clearing up inquiries, and affirm numbers. All things considered, it wouldn’t be useful for anybody to preclude a qualified hopeful, or to wind up with issues later, in light of the fact that there was a math mistake on the offer.