Tools used by window cleaners

The window washers use many tools while cleaning the windows. Read on to find out what tools are used by window cleaners and their uses in the process of cleaning windows.

The tools used by window cleaners are:

  • Squeegee:

Squeegee is the most important tool used for cleaning windows. It is used to remove water or cleaning liquid from the surface of window. The parts of a squeegee are- rubber blade, handle and metal blade.

A good quality squeegee must be used for better results.


  • T-handle:

T-handle is also called as scrubbing wand which is used for scrubbing the window or glass surface. This tool is shaped like the letter T. It has a handle and a horizontal bar at the top. The bar can be covered with a reusable and removable cloth which is called the sleeve. This sleeve helps in scrubbing the windows. The sleeve can easily slip over the wand and is easy to remove.

  • Window scrapers:

The scrapers are used for scraping away the stubborn debris which you can’t get removed even after scrubbing. The scraper comes in different sizes and designs. While scraping, you must make sure to use it properly otherwise, you might end up with scratches on your window because the scraping tool contains razor blades.

  • Cleaning towels:

The cleaning towels are not used for actual cleaning of the windows. Most of the cleaning work is done by the scrubbing wand. These towels are used just to wipe away left behind water on the window or the frame of window. There are many different kinds of available like- surgical towels, terry cloth, micro-fiber towel and leather chamois. The leather chamois is the most expensive one and is used by many window cleaning services.

  • Tool belt:

The tool belt is a basic accessory to make your work a little easier. It is used to place all the tools like scraper, scrubbing wand and squeegee in the same place, around your waist. When you have this belt, you don’t have to repeatedly move around to get your tools. It has various sections in which you can keep your tools.

  • Bucket:

The bucket is also a basic tool used while you clean your windows. It is used to keep the water that you will need while cleaning your windows.

  • Ladder:

The ladders are used to clean the higher portions of the windows. Sometimes when the windows are at a height and difficult to reach, the ladders are used. Ladders might cause the fall of person cleaning windows so the ladder must be used with various accessories for safety. The accessories are- ladder stabilizers, ladder stop, ladder mitts, ladder pivot, etc.

  • Cleaning chemicals:

The most important part of cleaning the windows is selecting the proper chemicals. You must select the chemicals which are not harmful for the glass surface. The chemicals like ammonia, vinegar, alcohol are very harmful for your windows. So choose your cleaning chemical wisely.

This is all about the basic and widely used tools for window cleaning. Nowadays many advanced tools like window vacuum are also available which are used by many window cleaning services. Thank you!